PSI Services

PSI offer several services through the projects and SMME’s it houses:

  • services-cAlien vegetation management:
      • Mapping and management planning
      • Teams for clearing, with all equipment, transport and supervision
      • Wood(Bluegum, Pine, Wattle, Port Jackson) sales and beneficiation…..pallets, woodshavings, sawlogs, firewood
      • Herbicide application
      • Follow up
    • Chainsaw services, including maintenance, repairs and sharpening of chains.
    • Erosion management and prevention
    • Removal and placement of beehives, honey sales and pollination
    • Tourism to local projects/SMME’s
    • An authentic African choir for events or specific performances
  • Independent advice and support to farmers:
      • sustainable development, including relevant legislation
      • land & nature conservation,
      • identifying possible funding resources for sustainable projects,
      • responsible wild-flower harvesting
  • services-dWildfire preparedness and management:
      • making of firebreaks,
      • assistance with stackburning and
      • basic firefighting, including teams on the fireline, during and after normal working hours
      • training workshops;
  • Recycling and participation in waste to energy projects;
  • A community-based platform for achieving consensus around acute & strategic issues related to its members
  • Indigenous nurseries and rehabilitation services (in development).